How To Apply

Apply WarmUp Patch

Choose a hairless, venous area, such as your wrist, inner thigh, abdomen, the top of your foot, or the back of your shoulder. Stick on the patch and enjoy your libations with no regrets.

2. Add the PostGame Patch

Before bedtime, apply the PostGame® patch in a different area for a restful night’s sleep. Maximize your nutrient delivery by wearing both patches at the same time and remove in the morning.

3. Shield Your Body From Toxins

GameChanger patches start nourishing your bloodstream immediately, fortifying your body against alcohol’s negative effects. Wake up worry-free and ready for the day ahead.

Pro Tips

If using multiple days/nights in a row, please rotate placement sites to avoid potential irritation.  After removal, please use warm water and soap or an alcohol swab to conveniently and promptly remove any residue to avoid potential irritation.

GameChanger Patches are specifically designed to be applied before or while drinking for the WarmUp™ patch (ideally one hour before) or overnight after drinking for the PostGame® patch.  The patches are also designed to be used together for maximum hangover protection. Use one or both based on your needs.