Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our frequently asked questions.  We have tried to answer these in the order most often asked and started with more general questions that can be answered on our site.

1.  How do I apply them?

Please see our detailed page located at

Our favorite place is on top of the foot, especially if you are wearing socks and shoes to say go golfing.  Anywhere that you could apply a nicotine patch will work as well.  Bikini lines and your behind work as well if going incognito.  Be mindful of the gap. Do not place them on hairy spots as it is a medical grade, waterproof adhesive.  It is sticky and may pull your hair out.

There is also a QR code that will direct you to this page on packs ordered from our website as well as on single packs you may buy at retail.

2.  What are the ingredients and what do they do?

The ingredients for WarmUp are: Glutathione, Cysteine, Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Milk Thistle Extract (Silymarin), L-Theanine, Taurine, Quercetin, Sweet Lime and Korean Pear Extracts, and Prickly Pear Extract.

The ingredients for PostGame® are: Hemp Extract (0% THC), Melatonin, Dihydromyricetin (DHM), Vitamin B-Complex, Ginger Root Extract, Vitamin C, Glutathione, L-Theanine, Milk Thistle, ALA, Taurine, and Magnesium Malate.

We have an extensive explanation of the effects and benefits of the ingredients on our website located here:

3.  How do the patches work?

GameChanger patches work by the absorption of the ingredients through your skin bypassing first pass metabolism that plagues oral remedies. Each ingredient was chosen because of peer-reviewed medical research showing efficacy and it has a molecular weight less than 500 Dalton allowing for skin penetration.
4.  How did you come up with the patches and the formula?

I have always suffered from bad hangovers since I was at Ole Miss.  Usually a minimum of a Level 5 (Advil and Dr. Pepper and go), but more often Level 8-10 (In bed all day feeling terrible).  At some point in my late 30’s I was going to more games, fishing and guys trips and I was missing out on activities or feeling terrible while doing them. 

So, about 6-7 years ago I started researching a formula to combat hangovers.  Using peer-reviewed medical journals and the internet, I was able to cobble together 10 pre-drinking vitamins, minerals and aminos and 10 after drinking ones as well.  It worked well, but was extremely inconvenient and once in a while ended up with choking on pills right before bed.  Then I started using glutathione with it, which can only be used in a fat suspension and tastes like death.  This worked even better. 

Fast forward to COVID, and legal work was slow so I revisited the formula because I seen a vitamin based transdermal patch that didn’t work.  I decided to take my formula and do additional research to come up with the best patch for fighting hangovers using real science.  After two months, I had a revised formula ready to go on a patch.  Testing went better than expected and the rest as they say is history.

5.  Why are the WarmUp patches yellow and why do they leave residue? 

The WarmUp patches contain Quercetin, which is yellow and provides it with its unique yellow hue.  You cannot remove the color from Quercetin without diminishing its efficacy.

The residue occurs because these patches used medical grade adhesive, are waterproof, and unfortunately were overfilled.  You may notice that the PostGame can be extra sticky at the edges and it is for the same reason.  The manufacturer put more solution on the patches than directed and it mixed pushed the adhesive to the edges causing this issue. This has been resolved for version 2.0 coming in 2022. It does not affect the efficacy at all.

6.  What is your background, are you a Doctor?

I am a lawyer by trade for 22 years now in Texas.  I have been in healthcare law for 12 years and have been a part of several other startups, one of which was in stem cell based pharmaceuticals. Prior to moving to the School of Business at Ole Miss, I was pre-pharmacy but that was not the path for me.  I have always had a love for science and like to be on the cutting edge health wise.  While I am not a Doctor, I did have the ingredients and results reviewed by two doctors in Dallas and all ingredients are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA.  I use the product at least once a week and have done so for over 18 months without incident.  Over 30,000 people have used them at this point and the only issue was an occasional allergic reaction (small rash) from the medical grade adhesive.  We are working on a larger clinical trial for 2022/2023 as we launch new products. 

7.  Are they waterproof?

Yes. You can wear them in the pool, ocean, shower or any wet environment and they will stay on.  Make sure you do not have sunscreen on the spot on which you will apply.

8.  Should I remove the WarmUp before I apply the PostGame at bed? How long should I wear them for?

No.  Ideally, you should wear both overnight for maximum effectiveness and ease of removal.

9.  Why are there 4 WarmUps but only 2 PostGame in a pack?

The intended use was for game weekends or guys/girls trips.  Ideally you would use a WarmUp when you start drinking on night 1, PostGame at bed that night, then WarmUp in the morning assuming day drinking, then maybe another WarmUp for that night out, then PostGame at bed and WarmUp the next morning for brunch.  Needless to say it confuses people and we will be moving to 2 and 2 in 2023.

10.  Is this snake oil?

No, it is 100% backed up by peer reviewed medical research.  Every ingredient included has been shown to help protect your liver, metabolize alcohol and its toxic byproducts and mitigate hangovers.  Once someone tries it, they are a believer.  I made this product for myself, but due to the minimum runs required had to turn it into a business. Competitors using b-vitamin, green tea, or basic vitamins are snake oil and will have little to no impact.  Only products with glutathione are comparable, but beware of any supplement with DHM in it that recommends using it during drinking as it can cause nausea. We use DHM in our night time patch along with ginger to enjoy its benefits without any downside.

11.  Have you heard of any adverse reactions?

As stated above, the only adverse reaction we have seen in 30,000 uses is a small rash that can be treated with hydrocortisone.  It is a reaction to the medical grade adhesive that we use and normally one percent of the population will experience this.  However, based on real world feedback we have only had 20 people have this issue to date.

12.  Where can I buy these locally?

We are expanding every day, but right now you can buy in Dallas at Buddie’s Booze on lowest Greenville Avenue and Parkit Market further up Greenville by SMU, and then in Mississippi at G&M Pharmacy in Oxford, in Greenwood at Greenwood Drugs, in Winona at Winona Drugs, and in North Carrolton at Anderson’s Pharmacy.  We are building a retail locator on our site that will be up later this year.  Please note that retailers are selling our Singles that have a MSRP of $4.99 for a WarmUp or an PostGame or $9.98 for one of each.

13.  Can I buy the Singles online?

Yes, through our site and through Amazon for now. 

14.  Will it stop all hangovers?

No, it is not magic.  Generally, use of a WarmUp and an PostGame patch as directed, will result in a Level 5  or lower hangover being reduced to a 0 and a Level 10 or lower being reduced to a Level 5.  You will feel much better than you should given the volume consumed.

15.  Can I use WarmUp the morning after?

Yes.  If you forget to use them the day before or want to reduce a mild hangover, you can slap a WarmUp on the morning after and in about an hour you will feel much better.

16.  Why did you start this company?

Because I hate hangovers and don’t want anyone to have ones that keep them from enjoying their night out or the next day. Plus in order to make the hangover prevention patches, I had no choice but to sell them given minimum order quantities.

17.  How fast can I get my order?

Please review our shipping page at





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