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Use the WarmUp™ Patch before drinking, and the OverTime™ Patch at bedtime after drinking. You'll wake up fresh as a daisy and ready for round two.

GameChanger Patches are a two-part system. Wear WarmUp during the day and OverTime at night while you sleep for maximum hangover protection.

Pre-game + post-game essentials

You'll forget you're wearing it, but be glad you did.

Beat your hangover.

Weekend Ritual

It's become a weekly routine to put a WarmUp Patch on Friday morning, and put an OverTime Patch by my bed for when I get home from a night with the boys. I wake up Saturday morning ready for an early tee time...Hangover free!

Richard - Cape Coral, FL

Perfect Group Gifts

We bought a party pack for a bachelorette weekend trip and they were a great success. None of us needed that "recovery day" after all those bottles of champagne and we had more energy thought the day too!

Anita - Dallas, TX


The GameChanger Patch is so comfortable I forget I'm wearing it, but the next morning I'm glad I did. Waking up without a hangover is priceless.

Steve - Huntington Beach, CA

Raise a glass, win the hangover game

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