Meet the GameChangers

We are native Southerners who grew up just like you- we looked forward to Friday night mixers, Saturday game days and Sunday brunch. Going from college to careers, these events quickly included happy hours with co-workers or celebrations with clients.

As we got older, we got more responsibility, but we also got smarter! We started doing our research and found out about scientifically proven ingredients to help prevent hangovers and aid in our recovery. We developed our own custom blend to prevent dehydration, sleep deprivation and help process alcohol. But there was a problem, it was either 10 pills and capsules before and after drinking or taking nasty concoctions that smelled, tasted terrible and lingered unpleasantly.  Then through happenstance, the idea to put it in a patch came to us. That’s how GameChanger came to be.

We all want healthy nutrients with safe, convenient delivery, and GameChanger patches do all of that. Learn more about the science.

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